New partnership with space logistics firm SpaceBridge

We have announced a partnership with SpaceBridge Logistics, а company building a marketplace for in-space tug services at the intersection of aerospace and blockchain.

We intend to work together to explore how smart contracts can translate into legal documents and how to standardize and automate commercial contracts for in-space services. The ambition of the partnership is to maximize the efficiency and reliability of contracts for services of all kinds in space and to implement the Smart Property Register for assets in space, from satellites to intellectual property.

Mattereum’s core ambition is to enable business on the blockchain, by building a smart property register and creating a system of decentralized commercial law comprising smart property rights, automated smart contract execution, and reliable dispute resolution and enforcement.

Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta said: “Everybody knows that one simply cannot afford to make any mistakes in space. Ultra reliable deals, particularly finance, are just as much a part of negotiating safe, affordable access to space as software or any other part of the commercial space value chain. Mattereum is proud to be able to do our bit to help.”

SpaceBridge CEO Colin Doughan said: “SpaceBridge is helping move the aerospace industry into the world of digital agreements and automated contract fulfillment through its decentralized marketplace for space-tug services. SpaceBridge is thrilled to be working with Mattereum to connect the physical world above our heads with blockchain-powered smart contracts.”

David Salgado, Mattereum’s Head of Operations added, “Mattereum is delighted to support SpaceBridge in working towards the use of smart contracts and property registers in securely and reliably delivering space services.”

Vinay Gupta and Colin Doughan are available for interview.

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