Forbes publish article on Mattereum and William Shatner

Michael del Castillo of Forbes interviews William Shatner about  his collaboration with Mattereum on his new authentication project:

Recalling his earlier vision of cashless payments, Shatner became hooked on cryptocurrency and blockchain, the technology beneath cryptocurrency that lets individuals send value without a middleman. Last month he formed his second crypto partnership—at first, more a spokesperson gig than anything else—with London-based Mattereum, a company that logs detailed data about objects directly into the ethereum blockchain.

But the commerce major turned actor, turned director wanted to do more than just be the face of a startup. So, shortly after announcing the Mattereum partnership, he incorporated Third Millennia to help customers use Mattereum’s technology to legally transfer ownership as easily as they transfer the ether cryptocurrency. If successful, he believes the technology will let customers prove the stories they tell about their most prized possessions, and unlock the dormant value of an object’s history.

“Science fiction is the exercise as complete as possible, as far as you can go, of imagining the future,” says Shatner, who in addition to being a co-founder and spokesman will serve as an advisor to the company. “And we all understand that in the end, humanity, once it imagines something is inspired to make it concrete, to make it happen, and that’s what has happened.”


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