Full-Stack Web3 Developer

REMOTE/ Full-time (Flexible hours)

(At present, we’re 100% remote with core office hours 10am-5pm GMT. This is unlikely to change for the rest of the year, but an affinity for London or NYC is a plus.)

Mattereum is looking for a crypto-experienced/curious software developer to join our team. We’re a small, rapidly growing startup in transition from working on a project-to-project basis, to having stable operations. We now have a pipeline of work, and we want to grow ahead of this demand.

Our organisational goal is to make all material goods searchable and tradable online in order to cut the waste inherent in consumer culture, and encourage re-use for a circular economy. In the very short-term, we’re working with a variety of partners to make vaulted high-value items tradable as Ethereum NFTs.

You can read more about that in our Big Deck, and in our CEO’s book “The Future of Stuff“.

Role and Responsibilities

On a typical day, you might start by helping an outside designer set-up to build one of our client micro-sites; wrangle Javascript on our in-house NFT generating tool, and help walk our auditors through our compliance systems.

We are eager for our early hires to grow with the business, and take more responsibility as we progress.

Required experience

  • Software development within a team, e.g. management of deadlines and talking to people
  • Dealing with non-technical and external end-users
  • Keeping an operation rolling e.g. handling issues as they come and helping make sure they don’t reoccur

None of the above experience necessarily needs to be in a commercial context. Open source projects, the armed forces, and charity work, for example, are all experiences which we consider 100% relevant.

Perhaps you’ve been working in a small e-commerce company, or a corporate innovation lab, and feel you’ve learned all you can there. Or become bored writing CSV parsers at a bitcoin exchange. We are not looking for someone to train in the basics, but there’s lots to learn about our environment on the job.

You should be the sort of developer who writes their own specs when they’re not provided, and doesn’t close tickets without passing tests. A keen interest in crypto-currency and NFTs is a huge plus.

Our working language is English, native idiomatic fluency is not a requirement, but you do need to be able to express yourself clearly, and precisely, in person and in writing. Our business is global, and additional languages are always a plus.

Desirable technical skills

  • Modern development tools: Git / SSH / Docker / Linux scripting / etc.
  • Solidity experience is a big plus, but we know it’s rare
  • XML/DTD: XML formats and ontologies are key to our asset passport tooling
  • Web 2.0+: Excellent JS / Node.js + one other real language (Typescript counts!)
  • Small company / start-up experience
  • Some exposure to Ethereum desirable
  • Usual HTML / web skills

Company Culture: The Five C’s

  • Collaboration – Everything is interdisciplinary across art, law, and tech. We make decisions in a similar way – as an integrated team.
  • Correctness – We take pride in what we do, and we work hard to get things right (the ethics, the legals, the tech, the quality of work)– without cutting corners.
  • Candour – Mattereum is all about trust – you can’t have trust without honesty and open communication
  • Confidentiality – We protect our clients, ensuring their information stays secure at all times throughout their journey with us.
  • Creativity – We are innovators, finding new ways to create a fully sustainable circular economy in which goods are re-used and re-loved.

Interested? Send your CV to