Mattereum Enables the Spiral Economy

Making the Spiral Economy a Reality Living in a Mattereum World Read Making the Spiral Economy a Reality on Medium or continue below. To avert the climate emergency we keep being told we need to move to a circular economy. In this, ideally, things get made, used until they wear out or cease to be useful, and then […]

Mattereum’s Solution to Effective Digital Product Passports

Making Digital Product Passports Work How the Mattereum Asset Passport Solves the Problems Inherent in Digital Product Passports Read Making Digital Product Passports Work on Medium or continue below. The Gartner report on the top trends impacting manufacturing for 2023 predicts that 50 percent of the top ten consumer goods manufacturers will have introduced digital product passports (DPP) for […]

Mattereum Revolutionises Real Estate

Revolutionizing* Real Estate with the Blockchain Making it Easier to Sell is Just the Start * may contain actual revolution Read Revolutionizing Real Estate with the Blockchain on Medium or continue below. The Holy Grail of selling physical assets on the blockchain has always been real estate; it is the world’s most valuable asset class, but at the […]

Mattereum’s AI Strategy

Why AI and the blockchain need each-other to access the physical world AI Oracles super empower Real World Assets on the blockchain — and super empower AI to act in the real world Read Mattereum’s AI Strategy on Medium or continue below. In the (near) future AI Agents will become Non-Human customers for RWA Smart Contract Rails Artificial […]

The Mattereum Universal Bridge

The Fast and Simple Way to Sell Physical Assets on the Blockchain Read The Mattereum Universal Bridge on Medium or continue below. Mattereum’s approach to linking physical assets to the blockchain is unique because it forms a “Universal Bridge” between the two. It’s like a bridge between two different blockchains, but it’s a bridge between […]