About Mattereum

Founded in 2017, Mattereum is a collaboration between lawyers and programmers. It will bring the power and flexibility of software to legal contract execution, and the safety and reliability of law to the frontiers of digital trade.

Mattereum brings software smarts to legal agreements.

Contracts are the foundation of commerce. By making promises to each other about our future conduct, we can trade around the globe. By making these promises legally enforceable, we can ensure that this trade is both safe and reliable. By making these contracts smart, we can automate many of the actions that we are obligated to perform, lowering costs and improving performance. By putting these smart contracts on blockchains, we enable networks of agreements, digitising entire value chains.

Mattereum enables the internet of agreements.

The next phase of digital commerce - the internet of agreements - will give us new tools for managing economies, industries, and companies. The e-commerce revolution has transformed the consumer economy, but has left many value chains untouched. The internet of agreements will revolutionise supply chains, finance, real estate, intellectual property, and employment. With Mattereum, startups and enterprises of all sizes can build systems to manage contractual relationships spanning years or even decades, covering vast areas of economic activity currently conducted on paper.

Hexayurt Capital

Mattereum is a Hexayurt Capital Project, one of a series of planned initiatives that will exploit the future capability of blockchain, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and logistics technologies in many different sectors. Hexayurt is the creation of Vinay Gupta and Rob Knight to connect diverse technologies in cost-effective ways that will ensure efficient use of capital resources. It adopts a collaborative partnership approach, bringing together the most creative minds in finance, commerce and technology.