COVID-19 / Corporate Social Responsibility

Mattereum’s team members and associates have over the course of their careers accumulated experience of working to address public health and critical infrastructure challenges. 

As part of Mattereum’s corporate social responsibility work, we are making past and current work available to policy makers and planners working to address the current global challenge surrounding coronavirus Covid-19.

Although much of this work was created with a focus on other infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, or virulent strains of influenza, many of the principles touched upon are universal to dealing with infectious diseases. Furthermore, we are currently working on updating parts of this earlier for the challenges we are facing today.

Mattereum’s team members are doing this work unpaid in their own time as part of their voluntary activities so that their past expertise can be of current benefit to the global community.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19: Dealing in Security
The Simple Critical Infrastructure Map from “Dealing in Security”
Hexayurt in recent field use by UNC Health emergency department in Chapel Hill, NC, USA.
The Hexayurt, invented by Vinay Gupta in 2002.


Older Resources

The materials below are specifically about pandemic flu, but contain much information that will also be relevant to coronavirus. They have not been updated for the current situation yet.

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