Using blockchain technology to reduce uncertainty in trade, Mattereum has the tools to ease transactional friction and economic inefficiency, unlocking trillions in value for businesses and consumers and delivering sustainable abundance to all of humanity

Mattereum will enable efficient markets for accurate information about goods, arming society with the same statistical process control techniques which revolutionized manufacturing and investment to completely transform consumption on a global scale.

With luxury goods rated a $1trillion global market, and second-hand sectors like fashion experiencing annual growth 24x that of retail, Mattereum is poised to grow into a global standard of product knowledge utilised across all platforms and industries where certainty about what goods are can contribute to up to 20% of their value. 

Mattereum’s first customer is legendary actor and entrepreneur William Shatner of Star Trek and Boston Legal fame. His new Third Millennia project will issue Mattereum Asset Passports for authenticating collectibles.

We also have eager customers from a variety of sectors including fine art, fine wine, antique musical instruments, aerospace, and international trade waiting to use Mattereum Asset Passports for their businesses. 

Our current investors include Morph, Compound, CoinFund, Tiny, Amentum, and a number of prominent angels. 

Do you want to learn more about investment opportunities? Email us ( to receive our investor deck, arrange a product demo, or to schedule a call with CEO Vinay Gupta.

Please note that all investor business is initially conducted only by email, NOT in Telegram.

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