The William Shatner Collection is Live

The William Shatner Collection of real world asset NFTs, authenticated by Third Millennia and powered by Mattereum are here! The collection includes prized memorabilia and props which chronicle two of screen legend Mr. Shatner’s historic roles from his iconic career: Captain Kirk of Star Trek and Denny Crane from Boston…
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Creating a blockchain “sharing economy”

“The potential of the blockchain could address some of the thorniest problems of modern society.” Alex Bingham’s article in The Ecologist covers Vinay Gupta’s recent appearance at the Oxford Media and Technology Network.
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Mattereum Manifesto published

“The Mattereum Manifesto: green capitalism, product information markets, and the blockchain” has been published. Read how Mattereum will deliver the transparency, accountability and trust which we need to govern the world.
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William Shatner Authentication

Sci fi and courtroom drama legend William Shatner has announced a partnership with London legaltech firm Mattereum to document the authenticity of memorabilia and collectibles, on the blockchain.
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News Archive

Please see our Humanizing The Singularity archive on Medium for older news stories.
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