Mattereum Partners

Organisations Mattereum are working with today to bring products to and services to market with a Mattereum Asset Passport.

Timmy Trumpet

Global superstar DJ, musician, songwriter and record producer; valued Mattereum customer.


An AI-powered framework for hyper-efficient commerce.

IG Wines

IG Wines is an innovative fine wine merchant specialising in the world’s top wines.


Providing DeFi-based insurance risk pools to protect holders of assets from novel and pedestrian risk.

West London City Lets

Launched the first real estate physical asset non-fungible token (NFT) for a piece of land in the UK.

The Original Moodring Company

Founded by Josh Reynolds, creator of the iconic cultural phenomenon the original Mood Stone Ring in the 1970s.


Valued Mattereum customer, art collector and expert who onboarded a highly valuable physical Andy Warhol artwork.

Arden Fine Wines

Award-winning specialist in rare wine, working to reduce fraud in the fine wine industry.

Lohko Wallet

An ecosystem for holding and trading assets – including, but not limited to, physical gold bullion bars.

Robert Brewer Young

Renowned luthier working on a verification programme for musical instruments using the Mattereum Asset Passport.

Third Millennia

Blockchain authentication platform for collectibles, memorabilia and other physical assets founded by legendary actor William Shatner.


Binding standout NFT art with unique numbered physical gold bullion bars with the provenance assured by Mattereum Asset Passports.

Ava labs

The world’s first net zero blockchain, whose carbon neutral status was achieved with Mattereum’s support.


Trusted blockchain enabled carbon credit marketplace which enables Mattereum’s customers to offset the carbon cost of their assets and paired NFTs.


Services to give easy access to emissions trading markets, in compliance with both EU and UK standards. 

SpaceBridge Logistics

Creating the standardisation and automation of legal and commercial contracts in space.


Digital transformation company creating asset onboarding with Mattereum Asset Passports.


A global network of organisations working towards building a circular economy.


A programmable payment infrastructure enabling movement of digital assets.


Community owned & governed chain agnostic NFT marketplace launching Q2 2022.


Decentralized finance ecosystem implementing smart contracts and real estate on a Bitcoin sidechain.

Bermuda Fintech Advisory

Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta serves as an advisor on the Bermuda government’s Fintech Advisory Board.

Brick Trade

A marketplace that enables the tokenization of real estate via secure wallets and digital ownership.

Diplomatic World Institute

Diplomatic World is a quarterly journal on global diplomacy and trade read by ambassadors, governments and philanthropists; Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta is Senior Advisor.


A global alliance for free economic zones, with Mattereum proposing blockchain led supply chain innovations in freeports and other special economic zones.