The Mattereum Manifesto

“The Mattereum Manifesto: green capitalism, product information markets, and the blockchain” has been published. Read how Mattereum will deliver the transparency, accountability and trust which we need to govern the world. The Mattereum Manifesto on Medium
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Summary White Paper

A short paper introducing the Mattereum Smart Property Register – the legal, technical and commercial infrastructure layer for on-chain property transfer and control in accordance with the Mattereum Protocol.
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Dubai Report

A report presented at the World Government Summit in Dubai, in collaboration with Consensys, that introduces our vision for the global Internet of Agreements
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Working Paper

A paper outlining how Mattereum implements Ricardian contracts in a way that integrates smoothly with existing arbitral and legal frameworks.
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But is it Real?

What are you doing with the blockchain? It may be a question asked by today’s youth, but in a Diplomatic World article William Shatner says it’s an important question to think about.
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What The Internet Did Next

The Internet has revolutionized one area of life after another, but even more profound transformations are on the way, says Vinay Gupta in a Diplomatic World article
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