Dr. Aeron Buchanan, who holds his doctorate in computer vision from the Oxford University Robotics Department, is Mattereum’s Chief Operations Officer and was formerly Chief Operating Officer for the Ethereum Foundation.

Aeron’s first degree was in Engineering & Computer Science at St. Anne’s College, Oxford, and his education continued at both Oxford and Imperial College London. He subsequently worked as an algorithm designer in the special effects industry.

He has designed algorithms for UAVs and acted as a consultant to leading economists and to ecological research laboratories. He has worked with Microsoft Research in Cambridge as well as the Said Business School in Oxford, working on Suzuki’s Sustainable Accounting Project. 

Aeron is also an entrepreneur, having started technology companies building such tools as light show controllers as well as in the blockchain space.  He co-founded both Parity Technologies which operated at the cutting edge of blockchain technology for enterprise and institutional applications and Grid Singularity. He was a Director of Lancaster Logic Response and also advises the Web3 Foundation.

In 2014, he joined Ethereum as research and regulatory compliance expert, modelling blockchain systems to inform the design of stable infrastructure and explaining blockchain technology to regulators, becoming Ethereum’s Head of European Finance & Operations.

He is a leading figure within the blockchain community committed to building the consensus platform technology as a wider benefit to the overall economy and to society.