We Are The Only

Legal Protection
for Physical Assets
Sold on the Blockchain

our Multi-Party digital certification system
Provides assurances to buyers and sellers of goods

Buying & selling B2B physical assets above $100K is HIGH RISK…

Our Protection Protocol Makes It:​

Use Cases

Buy & Sell Almost Any Real World Asset As An NFT

Digital Twin Asset Passport for Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate

Instant completion of real estate deals

Digital Twin Asset Passport for Gold

Alternative Investment

Alternative Investment

We make e-commerce safe for high value alternative assets like gold, wine and artworks

Digital Twin Asset Passport for Fashion enabling Spiral Economy

Spiral Economy

Spiral Economy

We make it easy to sell things you no longer need to somebody who genuinely values them, cutting out the landfill


Limitless E‑Commerce

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E-comm…but for million dollar assets


E‑Commerce Is...

Old School
E-comm is optimised for retail shopping, not global trade. It hasn’t changed since Amazon arrived in 1995
Using regular e-commerce like Amazon and eBay to sell high-value assets relies on “customer service” where neither side gets to bring a lawyer and the system favours the buyers

E-comm payment rails don’t work well for high value payments, there’s $32bn+ a year of credit card fraud. Endless trouble, irritation, and risk


 $1.7t of fake goods are sold every year. Brand reputation isn’t enough for people to feel safe doing high value deals online


Transferring land title on average takes 90 days, traditional dispute resolution online takes 45 days plus


Buyers and sellers can’t see how dispute decisions are made transparently, because they are made behind closed doors 


Robots can’t go shopping yet


Fearless E‑Commerce is the Future

Own physical assets, sell them protected by a digital passport with…

Secure Payments

The blockchain industry regularly does secure transactions on chain for tens of millions of dollars. Blockchains don’t get hacked, centralized exchanges and low-quality smart contract code do. A properly held private key is orders of magnitude more secure than existing systems

Third Party Warranties

The Mattereum Asset Passport provides multi-party liability through clear, legally enforceable, verified, machine-readable warranties. Only third parties with recoverable assets can provide these so you can always get your money back

Dispute Resolution

$Trillions in global trade are protected by independent specialist arbitrators. Mattereum’s contracts are enforceable in 172 countries to protect buyers and sellers

Built for The Future of Trade

With machine-readable contracts they are ready for the AI revolution


Instant resales mean reselling assets is now just as fast as buying them in the first place. Mattereum Asset Passports are reused in every future sale. We’re getting the secondhand market on the path to one click sales


Benefits For Everyone


Sellers get a better price for their goods, and buyers get a far lower risk of fraud. It’s a better deal for everybody

Money Back Guarantee

Our Ricardian contracts account for all eventualities to ensure you get your money back


Because payments and ownership are transferred instantaneously on the blockchain, business can move at the speed of light

Efficient Dispute Resolution

Clear and predictable warranty contracts, with immutable evidence of representations and transaction history bound to a system of arbitration to avoid costly international forum shopping

The Process

How It Works

The Mattereum Asset Passport forms a legal digital twin for physical assets that can then be connected to an NFT to allow anything to be sold in a frictionless, trustable way on the blockchain

Step 1

You bring your physical asset to Mattereum

Step 2

Mattereum works with you and your team to produce a legally binding Mattereum Asset Passport that connects it to the blockchain

Step 3

You mint an NFT that links to the Mattereum Asset Passport and you can then sell your physical asset as an NFT on any marketplace

Live Passports​

Example Customer Projects

Mattereum has been making e-commerce for high value items effective, swift and trustable with the blockchain for over 2 years for all kinds of assets such as:

Global Instrument

Mattereum Asset Passports are a global instrument that works in 172 countries creating a single worldwide jurisdiction for buying and selling physical assets on the blockchain


New York Convention Jurisdictions

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