Fixing the World

At Mattereum we are shamelessly global in our ambition. Our mission is nothing less than fixing a world that is drowning in goods.

By eliminating transaction risk from on-chain trade of physical assets, our goal is to be a pivotal force in driving sustainability through creating the 21st-century circular economy that we all want to live in.

The Big Idea

The Mattereum Protocol uniquely combines digital smart contracts and asset passports for real-world, physical assets with custody, authentication, dispute resolution and transaction warranties.

We are live, on-chain, now.

Turning Law into Code

Smart contracts alone are not legally binding, they are merely a set of instructions.

Mattereum’s Ricardian contracts are legally binding natural language smart contracts that are both human and machine-readable. Electronically signed and recorded on the blockchain they provide the force of law and enable disputes to be resolved through arbitration.

The Internet of Matter

Mattereum’s transaction framework brings trust and liquidity to the world’s off-chain physical asset market valued today at around $280 trillion.

Bringing value across the spectrum, from the most valuable assets to the smallest mote of upcyclable matter, we intend to become an essential component of the DeFi ecosystem.

Enabling Trust for Physical Asset NFTs

A Physical Asset NFT is a unique digital token that denotes the right to take physical custody of an object.

While sharing features with the NFTs now gaining popularity in the cultural mainstream of the creative industries, our tokens are different in that they are backed by an underlying physical asset, complete with warranties, insurance, and legal enforceability to create trust in trade

Vector 777 - 100g

A 100g gold bar produced by Valcambi Suisse paired with a digital artwork of a sports car. This bar represents a 100 gram physical gold bar held safely in the vault in Singapore. The bar serial number is engraved on the real gold. The NFT holder has legal ownership rights to this unique physical gold bar stored in Singapore.


Physical Asset NFT with Asset Passport on OpenSea


A genuine 100 gram gold bar produced by Valcambi Suisse paired with a digital artwork of a sports car (pairing by third party NTFA using Lohko Wallet and Mattereum Asset Passport).

Buy real physical gold bullion NFTs on OpenSea or contact us to create your own Physical NFT collection.

Physical assets exceed the value of digital assets by orders of magnitude
Unique Solution

Bridges the virtual economy with the physical world and gives rise to incredible capabilities in the realm of finance, commerce and even our quality of life.

By reducing the transaction costs of resale and secondary markets, we are financially incentivizing the production of higher quality, resalable goods and driving a sustainable circular economy.


Key Features of the Mattereum Ecosystem

Mattereum is the first-to-market smart contract ecosystem that comprehensively enables the sale, lease and transfers of rights of physical assets

  • Smart contract
  • Both human and machine-readable
  • Provide a mechanism for claims against liability
  • SPV around asset
  • Ensures legal protection
  • Enforces smart contract custodial duties
  • Maintains custody of physical objects
  • Legally binding dispute resolution
  • Providing an opinion against which a claim can be established
  • Defines physical asset
  • Specified ontology
  • Backed by experts
  • Hash stored and contract executed on-chain
  • Independent of chain
  • Resolution via arbitration
  • Legally enforceable in 160+ jurisdictions
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What People Are Saying
Connecting DeFi with real world assets: the next horizon
The race to plug off-chain assets such as physical goods to on-chain finance is at the crux of what will enable the next generation of DeFi applications.
NFT collector
NFTs start to make a lot more sense once you realise that EVERYTHING in the world except money is an NFT.


Mattereum Protocol: Turning Code Into Law

A short paper introducing the Mattereum Smart Property Register – the legal, technical and commercial infrastructure layer for on-chain property transfer and control in accordance with the Mattereum Protocol.

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A Diverse Experienced Core Team
Vinay Gupta
Founder & CEO
Anton Shelupanov
Managing Director
Dr. James Hester FRSA
Head of Ontology
Thomas Barker
Consulting Engineer