Bridging the Digital and Physical

Unlike established blockchain NFTs, Physical Asset NFTs backed by an underlying Mattereum Asset Passport and paired with a physical asset result in an extensible, universal framework for the secure on-chain trade of goods and in the future, the world’s largest classes of physical assets including property, land and commodities of all kinds.

Now, new forms of ownership and utility can be programmed around objects: democratizing access to capital, unlocking trillions in stranded value, and paving the path to a more egalitarian and sustainable society.

Live and Trading on OpenSea

Pilot Physical Asset NFTs bound with Mattereum Asset Passports

The William Shatner Collection

Authenticated by Third Millennia and powered by Mattereum, the William Shatner Collection includes prized memorabilia and props which chronicle two of screen legend Mr. Shatner’s historic roles from his iconic career: Captain Kirk of Star Trek and Denny Crane from Boston Legal.

Other historic props from the Star Trek franchise, Titanic and Logan’s Run are also available.

Gold NFT by Lohko

The world’s first physical asset gold NFT, each Lohko NFT is backed by a physical Valcambi Gold Bar + 3D Bull Art, stored in Singapore in the vault of its partner

The physical asset NFT verifies the underlying gold bar with a unique serial number and comes with a Mattereum Asset Passport and warranty that the owner has full legal rights to redemption.