Spiral Economy

Make Once, Use Forever And Keep Innovating

Today’s linear economy is a disaster

Things are made, used and thrown away – everything becomes waste

The circular economy
is good

Things are made, used, broken down and their materials used to make new things – waste is reduced

The spiral economy
is better

Things are made, used, traded and used again, repeatedly – waste is the last resort

Spiral Economy

Mattereum Makes The Spiral Economy Possible

For high value retail items the legal guarantees that come with an asset passport mean that when something is sold the buyer can be confident that it is what it claims to be

This removes the ‘doubt discount’ on resale so used items go for a better price
There’s always someone somewhere who will buy what you want to sell if the price is right
High quality items with asset passports guaranteeing their provenance and condition can be sold again and again, a little cheaper each time

Items spiral down through the economy, reaching people with tighter and tighter budgets as they go, instead of being chucked in the bin after one use

Manufacturers get a small percentage on each asset passported item as they do this

This incentivizes manufacturers to make good quality products that will survive as long as possible in the spiral economy, continuing to generate revenue throughout their lives for no extra work

It also makes sense for manufacturers to run refurbishment and resale programs to maximize the life and value of their assets in the spiral economy

Things only go to landfill when really broken with no possibility of repair

Goodbye planned obsolescence and giant landfills

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