At Mattereum, we build tools to bridge the virtual economy with the physical world in the form of Real World Asset NFTs.

While similar to established blockchain NFTs, these tokens are backed by an underlying physical asset paired with Mattereum Asset Passports, resulting in a universal framework for uploading physical goods to the Internet, where they can be secured, governed, traded, and utilized globally.

Now, new forms of ownership and utility can be programmed around objects: democratizing access to capital, unlocking trillions in stranded value, and paving the path to a more egalitarian and sustainable society.

Welcome to the future of digital commerce – read how it works. 


Please note that all investor business is initially conducted only by email, NOT via our only official Telegram channel.  Report any evidence or information about impersonators or fakes to  Accept no substitute – Mattereum is the real deal.

Business on the Blockchain
Vinay Gupta: Global Trade & Blockchain
William Shatner: Blockchain Authentication

Latest News

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Modern Slavery Expert Helen Burrows Joins Mattereum

Human rights lawyer and modern slavery expert Helen Burrows joins Mattereum as a consultant, tracing the human and environmental impact of global consumables. Helen brings 20 years’ experience in justice reform, supporting courts and justice sectors in numerous countries to understand and respond to the socio and political economies of harm.
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UNION and Mattereum logos

Mattereum Partners With UNION to Bring NFT Asset Protection to Real-World Goods

Mattereum is partnering with UNION, provider of full stack protection that reduces the risks and costs of DeFi. Their work together will provide asset protection to Mattereum Asset Passports, an authentication mechanism that will initially verify the authenticity of physical memorabilia, collectibles, and other goods requiring blockchain-based provenance tracking.
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The William Shatner Collection is Live

The William Shatner Collection of real world asset NFTs, authenticated by Third Millennia and powered by Mattereum are here! The collection includes prized memorabilia and props which chronicle two of screen legend Mr. Shatner’s historic roles from his iconic career: Captain Kirk of Star Trek and Denny Crane from Boston Legal. Other historic props from the Star Trek franchise, Titanic…
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Latest Events

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Satoshi Roundtable

7 to 10 Feb 2020, Cancun, Mexico/  Vinay Gupta will be attending the roundtable together with Mattereum’s friends William Shatner and Third Millenia’s Paul Camuso. More details here.
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14 to 16 March 2020, Denver, USA/  Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta appearing on the main stage on Saturday 15 February. Details here.
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Recent Papers

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Mattereum Product Walkthrough

A Real-World Asset NFT (rwaNFT) is a unique digital token that denotes the right to take physical custody of an object. While sharing features with the NFTs now gaining popularity in the cultural mainstream in the creative industries, these tokens are different in that they are backed by an underlying physical asset, complete with warranties, insurance, and legal enforceability to…
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The Mattereum Manifesto

“The Mattereum Manifesto: green capitalism, product information markets, and the blockchain” has been published. Read how Mattereum will deliver the transparency, accountability and trust which we need to govern the world. The Mattereum Manifesto on Medium
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Summary White Paper

A short paper introducing the Mattereum Smart Property Register – the legal, technical and commercial infrastructure layer for on-chain property transfer and control in accordance with the Mattereum Protocol.
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