Create Fractional Ownership Tokens For Physical Assets!

Take almost any asset, almost anywhere in the world from real estate to gold in a vault, tokenize it and fractionalize it, with full legal cover.

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How it works

Fully Regulated Fractionalization of Physical Assets Sold on the Blockchain

Create one ERC721 token per asset, or use ERC20 tokens to fractionalize your asset. Sell the resulting Real World Asset (RWA) tokens on the blockchain.

For asset owners, and for RWA platforms who need our unique legal capabilities to protect clients. Live for two years and supporting $100,000+ transactions.



Benefits For Everyone


Removes barriers to participation, cuts costs, reduces fraud.

Payments and ownership can be transferred instantaneously on the blockchain so business can move at the speed of light.
Real World Assets can be fractionalized creating new liquidity and allowing RWA DAOs to create new governance structures with all token owners certain that they have a right to part of the physical asset.
Every aspect is legal and regulated with a built-in system of arbitration for dispute resolution that works in 172 jurisdictions worldwide – effectively a money-back guarantee.

A whole new way of doing business

Without watertight legals of the kind Mattereum provides no RWA project survives contact with the real world

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Use Cases

We have been live for two years, helping customers realise their RWA projects. Ready to help you with your assets NOW.
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Mattereum is the operating system of the RWA future

We can work with you directly to tokenize your assets. We can collaborate with other Real World Asset companies to add the legal backbone to existing products.

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