E-commerce, but for million dollar transactions including real estate

Making ECommerce Swift And Trustable With The Blockchain

Trying to use regular e-commerce to sell high-value assets?

Too hard, too risky!

Use Mattereum’s protocol and it becomes simple – we’ve been doing this for 2 years for all kinds of assets. Our machine-to-machine trade is ready for the AI revolution.

What Is Limitless ECommerce?

E-commerce is in stasis – nothing new has really happened since Amazon and eBay.
It’s optimised for retail shopping, not global trade – but what if it was?

Three Transformers

Mattereum’s three Transformers make that possible – we’re doing it now for clients. The Mattereum protocol is:



The Mattereum Asset Passport ensures all claims are backed by legally binding warranties from identifiable, accountable third parties.


Nothing stopped sellers lying about their goods.



Any dispute is resolved by an arbitration tribunal under the UK Jurisdiction Taskforce Digital Dispute Resolution Rules. The decision of the arbitrator can be enforced in 170 jurisdictions.


It’s up to customer service if you get a refund.



All transactions are done using the secure and reliable blockchain.


A single insecure credit card number accessed your money.

Three Revolutions

Together these powerful Transformers combine to create the global trade breakthrough bringing about the Mattereum revolution. Global trade becomes:



Reselling is as fast as buying. All the documentation stays with the goods and is reused at every sale


Buying goods is easy, selling them means laboriously writing your own listings and paying high marketplace fees

AI Ready


AI systems can use machine-readable Mattereum Asset Passports to buy and sell for you.


E-commerce websites actively prevent you using machine-driven buying and selling.



Goods ship with third-party certified ESG warranties compatible with EU Digital Product Passport proposals.


You don’t know exactly how goods are made and have no idea how to dispose of them.

These powerful elements of the Mattereum Protocol combine to bring about a SYNERGY that takes global trade to a new level of speed, trust and convenience


The Mattereum Asset Passport makes your NFTs Trustable by ensuring the information about the physical asset to which it connects is correct via several certifier-backed warranties.

Multiple trusted third parties certify an asset’s properties – such as its ownership history – and provide legally binding mechanisms for dispute resolution, enforceable in 170 jurisdictions.

Increase Value
Significantly increase an asset’s value and likelihood of sales with authenticity documentation.
Prove Authenticity
Prove an asset’s provenance, condition and attributes with expert evaluation by independent specialists.
Simplify Legal Processes
Increase efficiency of legal processes for managing ownership, possession and usage of an asset.
Protect Assets
For future use, protect an object’s sustainable use and maintenance for future generations.
Secure Buyers’ Trust
Increase buyers’ trust with certification and legally binding contracts that are upheld in courts of law across 170 jurisdictions.
Build a Circular Economy
Encourage the re-use of valuable goods, so that we produce less environmental waste.

Buy And Sell Your Physical Assets As Trustable NFTs

We currently focus on three asset classes:

Real Estate
Our benefit is speed.
Alternative Investment Assets
Our benefit is lower risk for buyers, higher prices for sellers, and greater liquidity for dealers/brokers.
Spiral Economy – durable goods like laptops, ebikes, fashion, or furniture
Our benefit is optimising the use of our stuff to minimise landfill.

Mattereum Can Passport Your Assets Today.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which global commerce is trustworthy. To achieve this, we transform the digital trade of real-world physical assets – like real estate, gold bullion and investment-grade wine – with legally binding, certifier-backed asset passports. Our legal warranties create trust in trade, eliminate fraudulent transactions and pave the path to a fully sustainable circular economy.

Vinay Gupta

Founder & CEO
Former Ethereum
Launch Coordinator

The Mattereum Asset Passport bridges the virtual economy with the physical world and gives rise to incredible capabilities in the realms of finance, commerce and even our quality of life.

Vinay Gupta

Founder & CEO
Former Ethereum
Launch Coordinator

The Mattereum Asset Passport bridges the virtual economy with the physical world and gives rise to incredible capabilities in the realms of finance, commerce and even our quality of life.

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