Modern Slavery Expert Helen Burrows Joins Mattereum

Human rights lawyer and modern slavery expert Helen Burrows has joined Mattereum as a consultant, tracing the human and environmental impact of global consumables. Helen brings 20 years’ experience in justice reform, supporting courts and justice sectors in numerous countries to understand and respond to the socio and political economies of harm.

Helen’s work with Mattereum will focus on creating greater supply chain transparency by pulling together and making publicly available detailed information about the consumables we use on a daily basis,tracing their journeys from source materials to our doorsteps. This will enable consumers to make informed choices about the things they buy, and governments to hold companies accountable for the harm they cause to people and the environment

Helen said: “Mattereum’s values and objectives combine  commercial, human and environmental  sustainability. Through its technological capabilities, we have the opportunity to transform opacity into knowledge, and knowledge into action. I am grateful to be part of the process to remove harm from the production of goods and usher in a new world order defined by doing right by people and the planet.”

Anton Shelupanov, Matereum’s Managing Director and an expert in international justice, said:“Transparency is a key component of Mattereum’s approach to enabling global commerce. Helen’s impressive human rights expertise will be of huge benefit to Mattereum and the wider blockchain world as we build an ecosystem which ensures that people have access to the information they need about the assets they own and trade, including on such important issues as to whether environmental and social standards were met when they were produced or transported. Ensuring access to affordable justice is another key aspect of Mattereum’s roadmap. I look forward to working with Helen on developing an effective and just system”.

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