Mattereum’s Asset Passports Used by Third Parties to Provenance NFT Art Bound to Physical Gold Bars

Mattereum welcomes the use of our Asset Passport technology by NTFA, a startup which binds collectible digital art to securely vaulted numbered gold bullion bars supplied by Lohko, and available via the Lohko wallet.

Each gold bar is tokenised as a Real World Asset NFT, a unique digital token that denotes the right to take physical custody of a specific real world object, in this case gold bars! Each token is backed by the warranties and legal enforceability provided by the Mattereum Asset Passport.

Users acquiring gold NFTs via NTFA are able to select unique digital artwork from NFT artists such as MLIBTY and L-KH. The artwork’s provenance is recorded alongside other warranties regarding the gold bar using the Mattereum Asset Passport. The warranties include a statement of the offsetting of the carbon generated during the bullion’s mining and smelting process. The bars themselves remain securely stored in a vault.

A major aspect of the Mattereum Asset Passport is the use of Trust Communities which enable decentralized and independent assessments of an asset’s authenticity, provenance, and condition. Additionally, all certification is backed by a legal warranty as well as a financial stake which gives certifiers skin in the game regarding their assessments (and those of others). This mechanism combats fraud while creating an ongoing income stream for independent certifiers throughout an object’s lifecycle.

NTFA’s Real World Asset NFTs bound to Lohko’s numbered gold bars are live on OpenSea and available at with the relevant Mattereum Asset Passports viewable here.

More information is available at

NTFA Founder Joshua Heilman, known in the NFT art community as penguin, said:

“NFTs are a way for us to empower artists and creatives like never before. Now we have a way to verify authenticity, distribute royalties and even assign rights to real world objects. Unlike normal NFTs the NTFA collectible tokens come with free gold! What’s in your NFT?”

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