Announcing Swarm x Mattereum Partnership

Mattereum has announced a partnership with the fully regulated German exchange Swarm. Swarm’s capabilities include the tokenization and fractionalization of real world assets. Swarm is very happy to be working with Mattereum to secure, define and de-risk the production of fractional ownership tokens for real world assets. Mattereum is extremely pleased to have access to a regulated market on which tokenized securities can be exchanged.

This has been part of the strategic vision for the Ethereum blockchain since the beginning. It has taken a while, but now it is here.

The partnership will facilitate the onboarding of high value traditional assets, like real estate, gold, fine art, commodities, and other tangible assets to the blockchain. These have previously been illiquid or inaccessible to a broader audience, and this will enable them to benefit from greater liquidity, efficiency and self-custody as well as providing the opportunity for fractionalization. Until recent regulatory developments this had been impossible.

All of these opportunities, of course, are backed by Mattereum’s Asset Passports, with all the legal backing these bring.

The convergence of blockchain technology and real world assets is a groundbreaking opportunity for investors and businesses worldwide. Swarm is at the epicenter of building the financial markets of tomorrow and to do this we need the right partners. 

For real world assets to move on-chain we must identify people, establish regulated exchanges, have the ability to transfer ownership and outline a policy for dispute resolution. Until this happens, nothing moves. Partnering with Mattereum is a crucial step to provide institutional traders with assurances over the transferability of tokenized real world assets.” — Philipp Pieper, co-founder of Swarm

Mattereum’s unique expertise in legal and technical interfaces will play a pivotal role in facilitating the secure and regulatorily compliant transfer of ownership for tokenized real world assets brought by customers onto Swarm’s trading platform. Mattereum’s legal infrastructure is built on UK common law provisions for digital commerce and is enforceable in 172 jurisdictions under international law.

The future everyone was promised is finally here.

Lack of legal protection for buying and selling high-value assets is a key barrier for many deploying capital on-chain. Mattereum was always a long-term bet. We identified at an early stage the need to buy and sell physical assets in a legally binding way, using smart contracts. 

We are excited to work with Swarm who are the only platform that can securitize these tokens and help us realize our vision of creating a more efficient, transparent and conclusive financial ecosystem on chain, with the same assets we interact with in traditional markets today.
” — Vinay Gupta, founder & CEO, Mattereum

Announcing Swarm x Mattereum Partnership

Mattereum has announced a partnership with the fully regulated German exchange Swarm. Swarm’s capabilities include…

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