Announcing Crypto Real Estate x Mattereum Partnership

Crypto Real Estate is the leading global marketplace for blockchain, crypto and web3 enthusiasts to turn their virtual profits into tangible assets through real estate and property acquisition. Its mission is to connect real estate buyers, sellers, agencies and developers who are ready to embrace the technological innovation of the 21st century.

Mattereum is a cutting edge technology startup headquartered in London whose innovative platform uses the blockchain to enable frictionless e-commerce for high value real-world physical assets. They do this by creating Mattereum Asset Passports which are a digital twin of a physical asset and contain legally binding information that enable their customers’ assets like real estate and gold bullion to be sold using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain.

Crypto Real Estate will use the Mattereum Asset Passport to bundle together legal rights and warranties and be paired with Mattereum’s smart contract enabling fast and efficient real estate sales. This means that the required searches, title deed and reference media for due diligence are displayed accurately and transparently so that the NFT purchaser can sell it on without the next purchaser needing to go through the long information gathering process all over again. This significantly cuts the delays and bureaucracy which can occur during standard property transactions.

This strategic partnership will enable Crypto Real Estate users to buy a house, land, commercial property or even an island and pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum or Stablecoins, register it on the blockchain, and tokenize it for income in dozens of jurisdictions around the world.

This revolutionary technology transforms e-commerce for high value physical assets like real estate. For the first time all representations about an asset are backed by legally binding warranties verifying their truth, with enforceability by an independent arbitrator. Transactions take place on the secure and reliable blockchain.

This means that trade in real estate becomes frictionless, as the relevant documentation stays with the property and is reused at every sale. In addition, as the Mattereum Asset Passport is verified and machine readable, it is ready for the AI future, allowing machine-driven buying and selling with legal verification that the asset involved really exists.

Our vision is to “build the future of real estate, today” and Mattereum’s technology will enable us to do so! We are very excited about this collaboration which will revolutionize the way real estate is bought and sold through the blockchain.” — Nicholas Frimpong-Manso, co-founder & CBDO, Crypto Real Estate

CRE have a spectacular array of real estate available for crypto buyers, and we’re very happy to be able to provide them with the tools and technology to put more of that transactional process on chain for their crypto savvy customers. I’m excited to see this move forward.” — Vinay Gupta, founder & CEO, Mattereum

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