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Mattereum is a technology start-up making it possible to trade physical assets on-chain with international legal protection.

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Founded in 2017 by CEO Vinay Gupta, Mattereum is a technology start-up headquartered in London. Mattereum’s vision is a world in which global commerce is trustworthy. To achieve this, Mattereum’s system transforms the on-chain digital trade of real-world physical assets – such as real estate, gold bullion and investment-grade wine – with legally binding information about the assets presented in Mattereum Asset Passports.

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  • Mattereum is a technology start-up making digital trade trustworthy by creating asset passports for physical assets which are traded on-chain.
  • Founded in 2017 by Ethereum launch co-ordinator Vinay Gupta, Mattereum’s team has five years of experience in deep legal and tech research, enabling them to combine elements of several fields to make this possible.
  • Mattereum’s vision is a world in which global commerce is trustworthy. To achieve this, their infrastructure transforms the digital trade of real-world physical assets – like real estate, gold bullion and investment-grade wine – with a new protocol based on transparency and accountability. 
  • Some asset owners use NFTs as a digital record of ownership and provenance of their hard asset. Unlike other NFTs, a Trustable NFT is underpinned by the Mattereum Asset Passport (MAP) and ensures the veracity of information about the asset via multiple certifier-backed warranties. The MAP records the hard asset’s properties – such as its ownership history – and provides legally binding mechanisms for dispute resolution, enforceable in 170 jurisdictions. 
  • These legal warranties create trust in trade, eliminate fraudulent transactions and pave the path to a fully sustainable circular economy.
  • The Mattereum Asset Passport (MAP) captures the details of an asset to produce a digital twin supported by legally enforceable warranties that confirm its identity. The asset owner is then able to generate the Trustable NFT which corresponds to their asset.
  • Mattereum’s ‘Million Dollar Quartet’ is a portfolio of four million-dollar plus asset classes which includes real estate, prized wines and whisky, gold bullion, and fine art and antiques. The quartet demonstrates Mattereum’s transformational capabilities in high-value markets as the most trusted operator in the field of on-chain hard asset transactions.

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Mattereum Physical Asset NFT Meetup - 27th July 2022 at 6 PM BST / 10 AM PDT / 7 PM CEST - Online

Mattereum is hosting Online Physical Asset NFT Meetups – Find out what happened on our latest meetup here.


Mattereum’s customer West London City Lets have launched a first of its kind blockchain transaction to sell beneficial interest in a plot of prime coastal land. The asset’s Mattereum Asset Passport assures that both the buyers and sellers benefit from bullet proof legals.

Wine bottle NFT

We are pleased to announce our partnership with fine wine merchant IG Wines to create Trustable NFTs for high-value whisky and wine. Paul Hammond, co-founder and director of IG Wines, said: “This partnership allows IG Wines to leverage Mattereum’s experience within the NFT industry and utilise blockchain to provide an immutable history for the wines they sell. We believe that this is the beginning of a new standard in wine provenance and authentication.”

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Mattereum boasts an impressive team led by Vinay Gupta, the mad-or-visionary-depending-on-who-you-talk-to global resilience guru turned Ethereum launch coordinator turned CEO, and including Ian Grigg, inventor of the Ricardian contract. [...] a wildly ambitious, genuinely innovative, and deeply weird project; that’s much to admire. Restructuring the concept of physical asset ownership to include programmatic contracts may seem like a subtle change, but it’s one which could conceivably have massive structural repercussions and unlock enormous amounts of currently untapped potential. – Jon Evans, TechCrunch

To be more blunt: Much of the blockchain space is hyperbole and bluster and pipe dreams, but Vinay Gupta is none of those things – he’s a man who actually gets things done. – Jeff Wilser, CoinDesk

The Mattereum Asset Passport bridges the virtual economy with the physical world and gives rise to incredible capabilities in the realm of finance, commerce and even our quality of life. – Vinay Gupta, Mattereum Founder and CEO

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  • “With counterfeit goods being so readily available, there needs to be a system in place for consumers to feel safe in purchasing luxury brands, art, and collectibles. Mattereums system of authentication is an effective method for ensuring consumer confidence in goods purchased in the primary and secondary markets. Consumers can feel assured that what they are buying is genuine and the system takes the doubt out of the history and provenance for future generations.” Paul Camuso, Third Millennia CEO 


  • “What I’m after is a revolution in how we do the manufactured goods of the world, such that we can start seriously slashing people’s CO2 footprints. My goal here is a circular economy that works, so that people can get access to physical things when they need them, but that those physical things are worked way harder than they are right now.” – Vinay Gupta, Mattereum Founder and CEO  


  • “Gold’s main limitation as an investment category has been that its ownership is difficult to transfer. Typically gold buyers don’t have access to secondary markets — NFT gold in blockchain does not have this limitation. NFT gold owners are able to sell their gold anywhere and to anyone in any blockchain marketplace. This is a huge benefit for gold investors providing them better liquidity and higher sales margin.” Dr. Antti Saarnio, Lohko’s CEO

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